Cheung Kwai Hong

Hong joined the Golf Professional Team in 1997. He started with coaching children and all the kids nicknamed him “Hong Sir” as he is very popular with them. Hong has been a full member of the HKPGA since 2002 and he now teaches both adults and juniors. In 2006, Hong took his love and passion for the game and dedicated it to the Special Olympics Hong Kong (SOHK) golf programme to help people with intellectual disabilities learn and grow through the sport of golf. Since 2006 Hong has helped the SOHK teams win countless medals in international tournaments.

I started my teaching career with juniors and my passion for teaching grew from there. Now I teach people of all ages and am most proud of my role in the SOHK golf programme. Watching my students improve gives me a sense of achievement – it’s the best feeling in the world.

Professional Qualification

  • HKPGA Professional