Booking Policy

Arrangement for the On-line and Automatic Telephone Tee-Time Booking System

Operating Hours

  • Open every day between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm for all functions except for making tee-time bookings which is open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm and from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm daily.
  • In case of system breakdown when the service could not be resumed by 10:30 am, booking of tee-times for the same date of the following week will only be made available from 9:30 am on the following day.
  • Before accessing the on-line or telephone booking system all golfers must register via the website (homepage) or mobile app.
  • On-line bookings can be made by logging in at the website homepage or by using the mobile app during the operating hours.
  • For telephone bookings please dial 2791 3380 during the operating hours.

Functions Available

  • Registration for new golfers (via website and mobile app only)
  • Making tee-time bookings
  • To check, cancel or change tee-time bookings
  • General enquiries on tee-time bookings

Identification of Golfers

  • By the 9 digits KSC ID issued to individual golfers at time of registration.

Advance Booking

  • Advance booking up to a maximum of 7 days. For example, to play on a Sunday, the earliest day to make a booking is on the preceding Sunday.
  • The player making a tee time booking is responsible for that booking. No player should make a booking unless they genuinely believe the players being booked intend to play on the date and time reserved.

On-day Play

  • On-day booking is NOT available via the booking systems. For golfers without booking on-day play is on a walk-in basis and subject to availability of tee-times.

Handicap Requirements



Weekends/ Public Holidays


North Course/East Course

South Course

North Course/East Course

South Course

Men 54.0 or below 54.0 or below 30.0 or below 54.0 or below
Ladies 54.0 or below 54.0 or below 30.0 or below 54.0 or below
  • Qualified handicap players may bring players who have no handicap index to play at the South Course after 9:00 am on weekdays (except public holidays), subject to at least one qualified handicap player per flight.
  • The Golf Course accepts handicap certificates from all recognised golf governing bodies and associations.
  • During first time registration with the Golf Course customers are required to upload their valid handicap certificates in the system for on-line verification. Golfers would not be expected to produce their handicap certificate for every check-in, subject to the handicap requirements currently in force. This applies to golfers with advance tee-time booking or on-day walk-in golfers.
  • Players who hold Kau Sai Chau Golf Pass can play at all three golf courses and are required to do golfer registration.

Changes to Advance Tee-Time Bookings   Temporary Arrangement

  • No changes (including players, tee-time, date and golf course) to weekend and public holiday tee-time bookings will be accepted, except for withdrawals, (i.e. individual players or cancellations of the entire bookings.)
  • Only ONE change (change of player and/or tee-time on the same day of the same golf course) will be accepted to weekday (except public holidays) tee-time bookings.
  • All changes must be made via the on-line or Automatic Telephone Tee-Time Booking System (telephone number: 2791 3380) before 4:30 pm two days preceding the day of play.

Double Tee-Time Bookings

  • No double bookings on the same day will be accepted under any circumstances.
  • Golfers wishing to play a second round, can apply in person at the Reception after completing their first round.

Advance Cancellations

  • Cancellation here means not to play on the booked tee-time. This does not apply to on-day arrangements at the Reception by cancelling an existing booking and changing it to another tee-time or golf course on the same day.
  • Golfers are required to inform the Golf Course as soon as possible that they would not be able to show up at the booked tee-times via the on-line booking system or by telephoning 2791 3380 the latest by 4:30 pm two days preceding the day of play.
  • Advance cancellation by fax transmission or via e-mail would not be accepted. 
  • All cancellations via the on-line system or via 2791 3380 received by the Golf Course between 4:30 pm two days preceding the day of play and 20 minutes before the scheduled tee-time are LATE CANCELLATIONS.
  • Advance cancellations are requested in order to provide opportunities to other golfers to make advance bookings to play.

No Show

  • Any golfer with an advance tee-time booking who fails to turn up for checking-in at the Reception or make cancellation via the on-line system or via 2791 3380 20 minutes before the scheduled tee-time is considered a NO-SHOW.

Suspension of the Privilege to Make Advance Bookings

  • A golfer’s privilege to make advance tee-time bookings would be suspended in the event of a no-show or two late cancellations within 30 days. The suspension of the privilege would last for 30 days commencing from the day following the day of no-show or the second late cancellation.
  • The Golf Course can offer exemptions in the event of inclement weather or any other circumstances as deemed reasonable and justifiable.
  • Golfers who are temporarily suspended to make advance bookings are still welcomed to visit the Golf Course and play as a walk-in golfer subject to availability of tee-times on a “first-come-first-play” basis.

Advance Booking for Non-HKID Card Holders

  • Overseas visitors without HKID Cards are also welcomed to play. Booking rules applicable to local residents holding HKID Cards are also applicable to overseas visitors. Please call 2791 3390 for any enquiries related to overseas visitors booking.

Checking-in at Reception

  • Golfers are required to do check-in at Reception at least 20 minutes prior to their scheduled tee-time and report to the Starter at least 10 minutes before the allotted tee-times.
  • Proper and valid identification document, either Hong Kong Identity Card or Passport, must be produced when checking-in. No other identification proof would be accepted.
  • Handicap certificates are not required when checking-in, except for the following cases:-

(a) players with provisional registration who have not yet had their handicap verified on-line; or

(b) players who have just updated their handicap index in their golfer profile but have not yet had the update verified on-line in order to be qualified to play on weekends and public holidays at the North Course or
the East Course; or

(c) Non-handicap players who are registered with KSC but have recently obtained formal handicap index, should update their handicap index in their golfer profile as for (b) above.

Help Service 2791 3390

  • A Help Service telephone line 2791 3390 is available during office hours for golfers who have questions or difficulties in using the on-line or Automatic Telephone Tee-Time Booking System.
  • In order to maintain fairness and integrity, this Help Service would not handle the functions already provided for in the on-line or Automatic Telephone Tee-Time Booking System, such as booking/checking/changing/cancelling tee-times.


  • For safety reason, advance booking for a single player would not be accepted for an un-booked tee-time. However, the single player would be requested to team up with other players.
  • Tee-times for cancellations received between 7:00 am and 4:30 pm daily would be released for booking after 5:00 pm on the same day. Tee-times for cancellations received between 4:30 pm and 8:00 pm daily would be released for booking from 9:30 am on the following day.
  • Except for double bookings on the same day, golfers can have more than one tee-time bookings within 7 days.
  • Any players interfering with the normal function of the booking system will have their booking and playing rights suspended.
  • Any player allowing another person to play in his/her name, without the prior consent of the Golf Course, will lose his/her rights to play golf on all golf courses and the privilege to make advance tee-time bookings for 180 days (i.e. no advance tee-time bookings on an individual basis or through groups as well as no walk-ins, on-course lessons or tournaments allowed on North Course, South Course and East Course). The person who plays or attempts to play in another player’s name will be asked to leave the golf course at once without any refund of fees/charges already paid and will also be subject to the same suspension of playing rights and privilege in making advance tee-time bookings as that of the player who has allowed him/her to play.