Pace of Play

Time Par

KSC has an established Standard Time Par for each of the three golf courses to ensure maximum enjoyment for all golfers. The course time par is a total of times allotted for each of the 18 holes and are as follows:

North Course 4:18 Hrs
South Course 4:01 Hrs
East Course 4:20 Hrs

Players are supported by the on-course warden team and GPS systems on golf carts to help them to maintain pace according to the standard time par.

Important Information
* Please report to the starter 10 mins before your tee time.
* Late golfers will be required to start in position (e.g. drop zone, skip holes)

Pace of Play Procedure

  • If a group is out of position and 3 minutes behind time par, they will receive a friendly reminder by an on-course warden to improve their pace and positioning. The course warden will help them quickly close the gap.
  • Groups that have been requested, will be monitored closely by a warden. Groups that are unable to improve their pace and positioning will receive a warning.
  • A group is unable to close the gap after a reminder and warning, may be requested to skip a hole or be moved to the drop zone by a warden.

We wish to remind players to comply with the instructions given by Course Officials. Repetitive failure to do so may result in loss of playing rights.

Time Saver Hints

  1. Play Ready Golf
    The old standard of “you’re away” no longer applies, according to the R&A and USGA’s rules modernization initiative.  Please exercise Ready Golf and play whenever it is safe to do so.
  2. Aim to Play in No More Than 40 Seconds
    Be Ready! From club selection to pre-shot routine to execution, strive to hit your shot in no more than 40-seconds once arriving at your ball.
  3. Lost Ball
    Minimise search time and use drop zones. Carry a spare ball in your pocket.
  4. It’s OK to Pick Up
    The handicap system allows for a maximum score. If you reach it, pick up, regroup, and try again the next hole. The max scores by handicap, as stated by the USGA, are:
    • 0-9: double bogey
    • 10-19: 7
    • 20-29: 8
    • 30-39: 9
  5. Be Time Efficient on the Putting Green
    Line up your putt while others are putting. Leave your clubs on the side of the putting green closest to the next tee. Wait until the next tee to record your score.
  6. Flagstick
    You can now leave the flagstick in without penalty!
  7. Play Formats Other Than Stroke Play
    Match play, Stableford, best ball, and other formats are easy and fun alternatives to individual stroke play that don’t involve every player holing out on every hole.
  8. When Sharing a Cart, Work Together
    While your playing partner hits, get out of the cart and walk to your ball with a few clubs. Be ready to play when it is your turn, and let your partner pick you up. Whenever possible, park your cart ahead of your ball, not behind it.
  9. On Course Yardage Support
    KSC provide yardage on sprinkler heads, cart paths and golf cart GPS systems measured to the center of the green.