1 March 2008

Golfers' Loyalty Programme

Golfers' Loyalty Programme

In appreciation of the continued patronage of golfers, the Golf Course is pleased to launch a new initiative called ‘Golfers’ Loyalty Programme’ from 1st July 2001. Details of this Programme are explained below. If there are any questions, please inquire at the Reception.

1. Each golfer at the time of registration could ask the Reception to issue a ‘Playing Record Card’ (a white card for 18-hole rounds and a separate green colour card for 9-hole rounds). The purpose of this card is to record each fee-paying round. The card, which is not transferable, would show the name of the golfer, the number of the golfer’s identity document, the date of issue and other relevant information. The date of issue of the card would define the ‘privilege claim period’ and the ‘privilege redemption period’.

2. The ‘privilege claim period’ refers to the three months from the date of issue of the ‘Playing Record Card’. The ‘privilege redemption period’ means the one month from the expiry of the ‘privilege claim period’.

3. For every ten 18-hole rounds of golf played at the East Course, the South Course or the North Course, on weekdays, weekends or public holidays, on a fee-paying basis, within the ‘privilege claim period’, the golfer would be entitled to redeem one complimentary 18-hole round of golf, at the East Course, the South Course or the North Course. For example, if a ‘Playing Record Card’ is issued on 5th July 2007, the ‘privilege claim period’ for the purpose of counting the ten rounds of golf would be 5th July 2007 to 4th October 2007, both dates inclusive.

4. On the same basis of that of the 18-hole rounds, one complimentary 9-hole round at the South Course would be available for every ten 9-hole rounds played at the South Course. For each individual golfer, his/her ‘Playing Record Card’ for 18-hole rounds is not inter-changeable with his/her ‘Playing Record Card’ for 9-hole rounds.

5. The redemption of the complimentary round of golf could only be made on a weekday (not being a public holiday) during the ‘privilege claim period’ or the ‘privilege redemption period’. Using the illustration explained in Clause (3) above as an example, the complimentary round of golf could be redeemed between 5th July 2007 and 4th November 2007.

6. The reservation of the complimentary round is subject to the normal booking procedures through on-line, mobile app, the Automatic Telephone Tee-time Booking System or the on-day walk-in registration including the handicap requirements currently in force.

7. It is the responsibility of the golfer to present the ‘Playing Record Card’ to the Reception each time when he/she registers at the Reception. The Receptionist would put a KSC stamp on the card, initial on it with the date of recording. To prevent abuse and to maintain integrity, no request for stamping on the card after registration would be accepted. The stamping on the ‘Playing Record Card’ could apply to all fee-paying rounds, including individual games, private groups, tournaments, corporate entertainment and golf society outings.

8. There are no additional procedures for redemption. The golfer simply makes a reservation of a tee-time in accordance with the normal booking procedures and present one ‘Playing Record Card’ of his/her name, which has ten KSC stamps, to the Reception at the time of registration.

9. Upon redemption, the Reception would collect the ‘Playing Record Card’ and issue a complimentary green fee ticket for the named golfer. This green fee ticket is not transferable to another golfer. The golfer is suggested to get a new ‘Playing Record Card’ from the Reception during the registration of his/her next fee-paying round.

10. In addition to the complimentary round of golf, the golfer is entitled to bring his/her own Private Bag Carrier free of charge, that is, without paying an administrative fee of HK$50. This privilege is only applicable to the complimentary round of golf and subject to the rules and regulations regarding Private Bag Carrier currently in force.

11. Claims for replacement of a lost or damaged ‘Playing Record Card’ would not be accepted. It is the responsibility of golfers to keep safe custody of their own cards for their own benefit. The Golf Course reserves the right to refuse any defaced or damaged ‘Playing Record Card’.

12. Abuse on the use of the ‘Playing Record Card’, for example using other golfer’s card for stamping purpose, may result in leaving the golf course at once, forfeiture of the right to enjoy the privilege of the Golfers’ Loyalty Programme, and/or suspension of the right to book tee-times in advance.

13. The privilege offered by the ‘Golfers’ Loyalty Programme’ is not convertible to cash, goods in kind or any other form of services.

14. No replacement or substitute round would be provided if the golfer cannot complete the complimentary round due to whatever reasons, for examples, suspension of play as a result of inclement weather, personal health, etc.

15. The decision by the Golf Course on any disputes regarding the Golfers’ Loyalty Programme will be final.


March 2008